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ICT Infrastructure Facility Available in the Institute

Communication Labs – The institute has a well-equipped Language lab with 62 computers in two labs, licensed software, and a LAN facility.

Institute is well equipped with wired and wireless internet access and that can be also accessed in classrooms, libraries, labs, corridors, auditoriums, seminar halls, and all dwelling areas. 

High-Speed Internet facility- The institute upgraded its internet leased line (1:1) bandwidth from 50 Mbps to 310 Mbps bandwidth on the whole campus.

During COVID-19, the Institution has shifted to an online learning process through different platforms and also adopts different ICT tools for example: – MS Team, Zoom, Google classroom, and institute’s LMS. To encourage a blended learning mode, classrooms / labs are prepared with a camera-enabled system. The Academic guidelines have been changed during the COVID-19 for the smooth conduct of all academic activities. Assessment and evaluation of internal examinations have been done online using Google classroom.

  1. ICT Enabled Classrooms

2.  ICT Enabled Seminar Halls

3. ICT Enabled Auditorium

4. ICT Enabled Lab

5. Language Lab

6. Communication Lab

ICT Various Tools Available in the Institute

7. Digital Slate

8. Wi-Fi

7. Student Response System

8. Document Camera- Visualize

9. Use of LCD Projector in Classrooms & Labs

10. Video Cam

11. TV Tuner Card

12. Allen Heth -Sound Mixer

Lecture Recording using web camera and also live session using meet

Sample Google Classroom