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Library & Resource Center

The fully computerized Central Library of Indore Institute of Science and Technology is a treasure house of knowledge comprises an ever-growing collection of around 73781 books, 10685 e- book and 72 volumes of journals both national and international subscribed by the institute over the years. All these valuable resources are well organized in the 1095 sq. m. area, where more than 200 users can sit at a time and they are monitored by CCTV Cameras.

A dedicated team helps the students and faculties to retrieve their desired materials from the library. The Books are indexed as per the standard classification and cataloguing system. 

IIST library is fully automated with an Integrated Library Management System (ILMS). Software is fully functional and currently used by all stake holders of the institute.  The distinct features of IIST ILMS are: Accession register, book entry, setup, book issue, book return/reissue, user log, bulk location update, bar code generator and project reports. The software contains details about the author’s name, title and publishing house.

All the books in the library are bar-coded and transactions are automated by using this bar code system. Entire task of book issues, returns, and renewals are computerized. Counter transactions page is simplified in such a way that the system user need not navigate anywhere and the transaction time is significantly reduced giving the end user a great experience. This system enables efficient library administration to cater user services.

An online public access catalogue (OPAC) of books is maintained by library staff. Users use OPAC to find books and other resources housed in libraries. Users can search a catalogue using several criteria, including author, title, publisher, and keywords.

The Digital Library or e-library is an additional facility for the benefit of the students and faculty. Digital Library has 20 systems with internet connectivity to access the digital content like NPTEL Video Lectures taught by many IIT and IISC Professor, E-Books, Projects report, PDF Notes, PPTs and Course Files. The institution has subscription for e- resource with J-Gate, DELNET and MAT Journal and to assess various e- databases, institute associate with NDLI, DELNET, J Gate and RGPV e-Library. Remote facility is also available in J-Gate and DELNET members can access from their location remotely. All e resources are yearly subscribed. 

For hostel student’s library functioning is till 8:00 P.M in all working days and during MST and End Sem examination library is open for all students till 8:00 P.M.

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