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Institutional Distinctiveness

Indore  Institute  of  Science  and  Technology,  Indore  envisions  an  all-inclusive  growth  of student’s   i.e.   holistic   development   to   attain   Intelligence-Emotional-Social-Happiness Quotient in an individual, along with their goals of academic excellence. IIST are committed to enhancing the employability Quotient of the students with Holistic Development. Towards this  objective  IIST  introduced  the  concept  of  “Samagra  Samutkarsh  Yojana  (SSY)”, Institute  staunchly  believe  in  preparing  the  students  in  such  a  way  that  whilst  meeting  the expectations of the outer world, they are prepped to take care of their inner selves too which includes all three spheres i.e. body, mind and soul.

“Samagra  Samutkarsh  Yojana  (SSY)”  aims  at  imparting  education  in  such  a  way  that attains the academic and industry 4.0 requirements while bringing the feeling of tranquility, harmony,  and  blissfulness.  At  IIST,  the  students  are  provided  with  fair  opportunities, environment, and space that help them unravel their innate abilities. The practices of Skills Improvement  Groups  (SIGs),  syndicate  system,  Institute-Industrial  Collaborations,  Clubs, Career   Development   Cell,   Focused   Placements,   and   empathetic   Financial   Assistance Schemes cushioned with one-to-one interaction of students with Director General and easiest accessibility to him have been few of our initiatives in the same direction.

Students  admitted  to  our  programs  come  from  varied  social,  economical,  and  cultural backgrounds. The majority of these admitted students are first-generation learners which at times pose unique academic challenges. Their social environments are challenging that have a lasting impact on their attitudes and personalities. Keeping this in mind institute offers its assistance  in  academic/technical,  financial,  social  and  emotional  aspects  through  Samagra Samutkarsh Yojana.

Academic Assistance:

As the majority of the admitted students are from the schools where they teach in vernacular language,  communication  (written  and  verbal)  in  English  is  one  of  the  major  academic hurdles of the students. To overcome this problem, the institute has planned, created, and organized  practical  sessions  on  improving  their  communication  skills   through  career development   cell   (CDC).CDC   Cell   also   help   in   improving   aptitude   and   personality

development of the students. To develop and improve the technical and academic skills of the students, IIST have dedicated Special Interest Groups / Skill Improvement Groups on emerging technologies like Data  Analytics, Nanotechnology, Mechatronics,  Internet of Things, Robotics, etc. These SIGs focus on the capacity building of the faculty and students and enable them to take up the activities related to training, research and development on the emerging  fields.  IIST  also  provide  coding  competency  and  tie  up  various  cloud  based platform   like   AWS   Academy,   Skill   racks,   Code-chef   etc.   For   inculcated   technical environment,   IIST   conducted   various   technical   events   and   also   promote   students   to participate  in  national  and  international  events  and  showcase  their  technical  skills.  Along with this institute has formed  various students’ technical  clubs, such  as  AI Club, robotics club, etc as well as non technical clubs such as music club, dance club, sports club etc for holistic development of the students. IIST is streamlining and strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in campus. Campus recruitment training also called skill-up is also imparted, in consultation with the training and placement team, training students on aptitude, communication skills, software training, etc.

Students Connect

Institute  develop  a  two-way  and  transparent  communication  channel  between  students, teacher, Principal, Management representative.

Financial Assistance

The institute support and guide its students to receive scholarships from various government and  non-government  agencies.  The  institute  under  CSR  funds  provides  financial  support. Financial assistant and emotional support program for students lost their parents due to COVID-19 initiated and support 19 students toward this program. Institute provides various financial schemes to promote research ecosystem for students as well as faculty like paper  publication,  patent  filling  fee  and  etc.  Institute  also  provides  financial  support  for various certifications,  international and national  events like NPTEL registration fee,  events registration fee, travelling cost for events and etc. Institute promotes Startup, IPR and E Cell Activities  and  also  provides  financial  support.  (Project  to  Startup  under  Incubation  center called CARE we year mark 20 lakhs support for students as well as faculty).

Societal Responsibilities

To  have  a  sound  and  conscious  future  generation,  an  institution  should  focus  not  only  on learning,  but  also  towards  social  responsibility. The  NSS  of  the  Institute  are very  efficient and  meticulous  in  conducting  various  community  development  programs  that  aim  towards making students a socially responsible citizen for near future.

Many Green initiatives  are  started  under  Green  Waves  Club  as  movement  to  conserve  the nature  at  the  campus  and  to  inculcate  the  sense  of  responsibility  towards  Mother  Nature among students and all the staff members.

Institute  also  run  school  connect  program  under  social  responsibilities  and  conducted various  events  for  schools  students  like  Apratim  Pragya    Pratispardha,  Apratim  science exhibition,  Apratim  Sport  league,  Apratim  Sport  league,  Success  Mantra  by  Prof  Anand Kumar, Learn and Win etc.

As a part of social responsibility IIST organizes “Helmet Campaigns” in Indore and nearby areas to create the awareness among citizens about wearing helmet and following road safety rules safety. Prepare 3D Speed breaker at palasia square and IIST campus for road safety.

Every year on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti institute organizes “Campus Cleanliness Drive”

to create awareness among Students, Faculty and staff towards Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

Every year on Independence Day and Republic Day, competitions are organized highlighting the importance of Indian constitution. Competitions like Group singing, Group dance, skits and poetry are presented based on the theme of Patriotism and Colours of India.

Institute  has  visit  nearby  village  under  rural  outreached  program  and  conducted  general awareness program like health and hygiene, cyber security, women empowerment and digital payment literacy etc.

Emotional-Happiness development: Emotional health of the students is given apt attention at  the  institute.  The  syndicate  system  is  in  place  that  ensures  the  students’  contact  with faculty at least once in a month. During these meetings, students can discuss their academics

as well as personal problems with the faculty. A professional counselor is also employed at the institute whose help may be taken by the students in need. Even two-way and transparent communication  channel  between  students,  teachers,  principal  and  DG  Sir.  Institute  also associates with Heartfulness. Heartfulness is a simple and subtle practice of meditation that connects each of us with the light and love in our hearts and a simple heart-based meditation practice aimed at achieving a state of balance of mind.