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Water Conservation @ IIST

Following Water Conservation Facilities are available in the Institute

  1. Rain water harvesting
  2. Borewel /Open well recharge
  3. Construction of tanks and bunds
  4. Maintenance of water bodies and distribution system in the campus

Geotagged Photo for Rain water harvesting

Geotagged Photo for Borewell /Open well recharge

An open well located in the college campus is recharged by the rain water. The artificial recharge to ground water aims at augmentation of ground water reservoir by modifying the natural movement of surface water utilizing suitable civil construction techniques. Artificial recharge techniques normally address to following issues –

  1. To enhance the sustainable yield in areas where over-development has depleted the aquifer.
  2. Conservation and storage of excess surface water for future requirements, since these requirements often changes within a season or a period.
  3. To improve the quality of existing ground water through dilution.

To remove bacteriological and other impurities from sewage and waste water so that water is suitable for re-use. The basic purpose of artificial recharge of ground water is to restore supplies from aquifers depleted due to excessive ground water development.

Geotagged Photo for Construction of tanks and bunds

Runoff generated in the campus is collected using small masonary bund (check dam) in the campus on a natural canal passing through the campus. In the Institute Bunds are constructed to control the water table within the reclamation area and control the flow of the discharge water in the fill area. It is Masonary bund. Water retention is the primary purpose of such bund.

Maintenance of Water Bodies and Distribution system

Total 7 numbers of Bore well and 2 numbers of open well are available in the IIST Campus. The location of Bore well as follows –

  1. One Bore Well situated to the near Basket Ball Court
  2. One Bore Well situated opposite to the Guest House
  3. One Bore Well situated to the near Sports Complex
  4. One Bore Well situated opposite to the Staff Quarter
  5. One Bore Well situated at Laundry (Back to Boys Hostel)
  6. Two Bore Well situated in the Farm (Near Mango Trees)

Maintenance of open well

Video Link of open well cleaning



Geotagged Photo for Water Conservation through Sprinkler System for watering

Saving Water