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Green Wave Movement

Learning to live sustainably’ is the core idea of constituting “Green Waves” Club for Green wave movement. It is not just yet another extracurricular activity but the integral part of the value system followed byIndore Institute Science & Technology to promote awareness not only inside the campus but to the wider world.


Many Green initiativesare started under Green Waves Clubas movement to conserve the nature at the campus and to inculcate the sense of responsibility towards Mother Natureamong students and all the staff members.

The club was inaugurated on 1st July 2018by Hon’ble Chief guest Shri Patanjali (Principal Commissioner of Income Tax, Bhopal)   who has worked for cleaning river Ganga and hosted sadhguru during “Rally for Rivers” campaign.


Under the visionary leadership of Shri Arun S Bhatnagar, Director General of IIST, who conceived this novel project and plan to engage the stake holder of the institute toward this noble cause of saving the environment.


Green Waves Club

The novel initiative of launching of “Green Waves” Club at IIST lies in the fact that it moves beyond theories and textbooks aiming at solely concentrating on ‘doing’ to save the mother earth. It is an environmental activity directed to subtly sensitize students, Staff members and others through thought provoking ideas to curtail the mining of natural resources.


Green Waves Club is established with following objectives –

  1. Conserving bio diversity by planting trees.
  2. Cultivating organic vegetables and crops.
  3. Say “Big No” to use of plastic bags, bottles and cans.
  4. Water harvesting and water management in our day to day usage.
  5. Promoting Agro-forestry.


Fulfillments of Objectives are:

  1. Conserving bio diversity by planting trees

Since 2018 every year plantation drives are organized and students are instructed to plant a sapling and take care of that sapling for entire college life. He/She can cherish this memory even after leaving the institute.


Plantation the varieties are chosen meticulously according to the scientific value of particular plant and then healthy saplings are procured from forests and nursery.


IIST has a lush green campus where variety of trees are planted like Silver oak, variety of fruit Plants, ornamental plants which not only add the aesthetic value to the campus but also prevents soil erosion.This has also led to conserve the biodiversity and new species of birds are seen in the campus.

Institute receive letter of appreciation from AICTE for one student one tree cam.


Vetiver/Khas Plantation around Runnel (Nala)


Through the IIST campusa runnel of around 8 Km length is flowing and extended to nearby villages where the water is used mainly for irrigation purpose.


In campus Vetiver/khas plantation is done around the runnel with the idea of soil conservation and to improve the quality of its water.Vetiver plants play a vital role in watershed protection by slowingdown and spreading runoff harmlessly on the farmland, recharging ground water, reducing siltation of drainage systems and water bodies, reducing agro-chemicals loading into water bodies and for rehabilitation of degraded soils. It not only helps us in conserving water and increased water retention but also prevents soil erosion.Looking into above facts, impacts and resultant benefits vetiver grass is grown around the Runnel at IIST. As a technology it will enhance sustainable agricultural development in the campus as well as in nearby areas.


  1. Cultivating organic vegetables and crops.


IIST has a sprawling lush green campus with beautiful infrastructure. From 2018,in order to improve air quality and resource conservation, the management started the practice of growing organic crops in 10 acres of area which was lying idle and unused. The objective of organic farming in the campus was to produce food of high nutritional grade in sufficient quantity and to use the grown crop in the campus canteen only in order to provide healthy food & vegetables to students & staff. To provide healthy food in the college canteen to all its stakeholders is the ultimate object of practicing organic farming in the campus.


  1. Say “Big No” to use of plastic bags, bottles and cans.

Increase of Plastic waste is one biggest concern, which is adversely affecting environment and soil.

  1. In whole campus premises including, canteens, hostel, premises etc there will be ban of singleuse of plastic.
  2. Regular awareness programs and workshop to sensitize students, staff members on thehazardous impact of single use of plastics by ‘Green wave Club’.
  3. Students and staff members are encouraged avoiding bringing plastic items in the campus.
  4. To keep sign board at various places in campus for publicity to ban on use of plastic items in the institute.


  1. Water harvesting and water management in our day to day usage.

Following Water Conservation Facilities are available in the Institute

  1. Rain water harvesting
  2. Borewel /Open well recharge
  3. Construction of tanks and bunds
  4. Maintenance of water bodies and distribution system in the campus


Total 7 numbers of Bore well and 2 numbers of open well are available in the IIST Campus. The location of Bore well as follows –

  1. One Bore Well situated to the near Basket Ball Court
  2. One Bore Well situated opposite to the Guest House
  3. One Bore Well situated to the near Sports Complex
  4. One Bore Well situated opposite to the Staff Quarter
  5. One Bore Well situated at Laundry (Back to Boys Hostel)
  6. Two Bore Well situated in the Farm (Near Mango Trees)


  1. Promoting Agro-forestry.

Till date around 1504different varieties of plants have been planted in various parts of campus during Plantation drives on various occasions. Institute promoting Agro forestry in following way:

  1. Form Cluster of Mango Tree
  2. Form Cluster of tamarind or Imali Tree
  3. Form Cluster of Indian gooseberry or amla Tree
  4. Form Cluster of custard apple or Sitaphal Tree
  5. Form Cluster of custard apple or guava or amrud Tree


IIST also conducted Green and Environment audit from 2019-20 and also formulated Green Campus Policy.


Green Campus Initiatives

The institutional initiatives for greening the campus are as follows:

  1. Restricted entry of automobiles
  2. Use of Bicycles/ Battery powered vehicles
  3. Pedestrian Friendly pathways
  4. Ban on use of Plastic
  5. Landscaping with trees and plants

Geotagged photo for restricted entry of automobile

Geotagged photo for Battery Powered Vehicle

Geotagged Photo for Pedestrian Friendly Road

Geotagged Photo for Ban on Use of Plastics

Geotagged Photo for Landscaping with trees & plants

Summary of Activities under Green Wave@ IIST

Name of Activities No of Students Participation Date of the Event
Inauguration of Green Wave Club by Shri Patanjaliji 135 01/07/2018
Logo Making Competition 21 14/08/2018
Poster Making Competition 27 14/08/2018
Tree Plantation Drive 51 28/08/2018
Tree Plantation for IV Year students 314 23/07/2019
Tree Plantation for I Year students 428 04/08/2019
Interactive session on “Sustainable Growth and Students Responsibility” 428 16/08/2019
Seminar on Solar Energy as an Alternate Source of Electricity 150 28/02/2020
Green wave club member visited lotus valley 21/09/2019
Plantation Drive 31/07/2021
donate the plants in Govt. high school, Narlai Village 24/09/2021
Energy conservation Pledge to celebrate energy conservation Day 87 14/12/21
FDP on Waste and Biomass Valorization: Potential, Issues and Challenges 85 17/12/2021
Participation in a plantation in association with the Heartfulness 14/06/2022


For more detail click here (Annexure 9)

Green Campus Policy (Link with Annexure 4)

Green Audit Certificate (Link with Annexure 5)

Energy Audit Certificate (Link with Annexure 6)

Environment Audit Certificate (Link with Annexure 7)

AICTE Appreciation Certificate (Link with Annexure 8)