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  • New Technologies That Are Aiding Engineers to Become Better & Stronger

    • September 20, 2022
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    It is undeniable that the modern world has become forever merged with technology. But is that a bad thing? Many people think that to be the case, but in reality, it isn’t! From the crude machinery of yesteryear to complicated AI of the current age, technology has helped humanity evolve into what it is today, and we have barely scratched the surface.

    We live in exciting times because something new is being discovered every day that is aimed at making human lives better. In this article from the Indore Institute of Engineering, one of the top engineering colleges in Indore, we shall put forth some emerging technologies helping modern engineers usher in a new era of scientific innovation. Let’s read on.


    Intelligence, Ingenuity & Innovation

    Innovation is introducing new and better ideas, products or processes. Ingenuity is the ability to find clever solutions to problems. And, Intelligence is our ability to reason, plan, understand and use knowledge. These three “I’s” are the most critical factors in a country’s economic development and the main driver of social change. Keeping these three “I’s” in mind, engineers have developed many technologies that are helping them perform better in their respective fields. Some of such innovations include:

    • Digital Twins Technology: Digital Twins Technology is a digital representation of physical objects, environments, and people. They are used to make interactions with the physical world more efficient and monitor and predict changes. They are created through the use of sensors and algorithms to capture the data that is being generated. This data can be used to predict future events or to control operations in real-time. Some of the use cases for digital twins are predictive maintenance in manufacturing, healthcare, and energy efficiency. It has also been proven to be an effective tool for predicting future events like equipment failures or power outages.
    • Automation & AI: In the world of engineering, automation & AI are used in many different ways. They control systems, analyze data, design products, and do much more. Engineers use automation to make their jobs easier by speeding up repetitive tasks. AI is another tool used to automate the most time-consuming and tedious parts of their work so they can focus on the other more critical tasks that require personal attention. The use of automation & AI increases productivity, efficiency, and accuracy in the engineering world with such precision that it’d be impossible to be achieved manually on most occasions.
    • Additive Manufacturing: Additive manufacturing (AM) is the process of making three-dimensional objects from digital models by adding material in layers. The process is often used to make prototypes and parts for complex products, like cars or planes. In this process, digital models are created on a computer and then turned into instructions for the printer to follow. These instructions are sent to an AM machine that lays down thin layers of material until the object is complete. It has many applications in engineering, such as manufacturing aerospace components, medical implants and prostheses, rapid prototyping, etc. It is also used to make smaller components that are needed during the manufacturing of more elaborate mechanisms.


    Why Must Technology Keep on Developing?

    At the Indore Institute of Science & Technology, ranked among the top engineering colleges in Indore, we firmly believe that technology has been a significant force for change in our world as it has had a profound effect on our lives and made them more accessible and more comfortable. More refreshing is that its development will lead to a better future. Thus, we must ensure that it keeps on developing. If this happens, we, as a country, can keep up with the advancements of other countries and not be left behind in any way, shape, or form.

    Moreover, we also believe that technology must also develop as someday it will solve problems like poverty and starvation by providing new food production methods, medicinal advancements, and jobs for people who need them. Keeping these aspects in mind, engineers work ceaselessly. They play their part, and so must you! After all, “Being learned is the way forward!” Think out of the box and be innovative, and we guarantee there’ll be nothing stopping you!

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